ETH price at record highs, Yellen criticises cryptocurrencies, BTC nodes at record numbers and much more. A summary of the most important cryptocurrency news of the week.

In a partnership between Blockchain Summit Latam and Cointelegraph en Español, we present the 5 cryptocurrencies that had the biggest impact on the market and the ecosystem in the last days.

Whoever said that days in the cryptomarket are boring, was lying terribly. We finish a new week full of adrenaline and emotions, where the cryptomarkets have left us breathless with strong ups and downs. In the midst of these abrupt changes, important news happened and even some of them were the cause of these movements.

Thanks to a collaboration between Blockchain Summit Latam and Cointelegraph, with Cristobal Pereira, CEO of Blockchain Summit Latam and Latam Tech, and Ezio Rojas, Head of News of Cointelegraph in Spanish, we present a summary of 5 of the news that emerged in the market and ecosystem of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies during this week. You can also listen to the podcast here.